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Seminar in International Finance (Fall 2019). Selected reading list here.

Money and Banking (Fall 2015- Spring 2018). Syllabus available here.

Macroeconomic Theory (Fall 2013-Spring 2015, Fall 2017 & 2018). Sample assignment available here.

Principles of Macroeconomics (Spring 2013-Fall 2018). Syllabus available here.

Monetary Theory and Policy (Spring 2016 and 2017). Syllabus available here. 

Principles of Microeconomics (Fall 2015 and 2017). Syllabus available here.

International Finance (Spring 2014-Spring 2015). Syllabus from Spring 2015 available here.

Directed Study, Undergraduate (Spring 2015). Project Title: “Populism and Credit Subsidies: A Case Study of Thailand.”

Guest Lecture at Cal Poly Pomona on Greece and the eurozone crisis.

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