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Do Voters in Developing and Transitional Democracies Care about Income Inequality?“ (with Florence Bouvet). Accepted for publication at Economics & Politics, November, 2022 

What influences subnational competitiveness in a decentralised Indonesia?“ (with Mulya Amri). Journal of Southeast Asian Economies 38(3): 337-357, December, 2021.   

Correlates of Crisis Induced Credit Market Discipline: The Roles of Democracy, Veto Players, and Government Turnover.“ (with Eric Chiu, Greg Richey, Jake Meyer and Thomas D. Willett).  Open Economies Review 33(1): 61-87. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11079-021-09630-w.

Political Credit Cycles.” (with Andreas Kern).  Economics & Politics 33 (1): 76-108, March 2021.

Do Financial Crises Discipline Future Credit Growth?” (with Eric Chiu, Greg Richey, and Thomas D. Willett).   Journal of Financial Economic Policy 9 (3), September 2017.

Policy Inconsistencies and the Political Economy of Currency Crises.” (with Thomas D. Willett). Journal of International Commerce, Economics and Policy 8 (1), February 2017.  

Capital Surges and Credit Booms: How Tight is the Relationship?”  Open Economies Review 27 (4):637-60, 2016. (with Greg M. Richey and Thomas D. Willett).

Trade and Welfare Compensation :The Missing Links.” International Interactions 40(5):631-656, 2014 (with Eunyoung Ha and Dong-wook Lee).

The Political Economy of Financial Sector Supervision and Banking Crisis.” European Law Journal 18(1):24-43, 2012 (with Brett M. Kocher).

International Comparisons of Bank Regulation, Liberalization, and Banking Crises.” Journal of Financial Economic Policy 3(4):322-339, 2011(with Penny Angkinand Prabha and Clas Wihlborg).

The Developmental Gap between the ASEAN Member Countries: The Perspective of Indonesia.” ASEAN Economic Bulletin 24(1):45-71, 2007 (with Dionisius Narjoko).


Review of Thomas Oatley, A Political Economy of American Hegemony (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2015). Perspectives on Politics, 15(3), September 2017: 933-934.

Amri, Puspa D., and Indira Hapsari. 2007. “The Year of Living Moderately.” The Indonesian Quarterly Vol. 35, No. 1.

Amri, Puspa D., Titik Anas, and Nancy Suhut. 2003. “The Indonesian Banking Sector: Five Years in Crisis?” The Indonesian Quarterly Vol. 31, No. 2.

Amri, Puspa D., and Yose Rizal Damuri. 2003.”Does Decentralization Accelerate Recovery: An Economic Perspective.” The Indonesian Quarterly Vol. 31, No. 2.


Amri, Puspa D. (2022). “International Political Economy and the Study of Financial Crises. In A Research Agenda for International Political Economy: New Directions & Promising Paths. Ed. D. Deese. Edward Elgar Publishing.

Amri, Puspa D. (2022). “Socio-Economic Conditions and Indonesian Democratic Support.” In Political Culture and Societal Exceptionalism in Indonesian and Korean Democratization. Ed. B. Howe.  Springer Nature/Palgrave Macmillan

Amri, Puspa D. and Mochamad Pasha. (2020). “The Economic Dimensions of Indonesia’s Democratic Quality.”  In From Stagnation to Regression? Indonesian Democracy After Twenty Years. Eds. T. Power and E. Warburton. Singapore: ISEAS Publishing.

Amri, Puspa D. and Brett M. Kocher. 2012. “The Political Economy of Financial Sector Supervision and Banking Crises: A Cross-Country Analysis.” In La “main visible”: Perspectives européennes et globalessur la régulation des marchés financiers et la gouvernance économique. Eds. F. Snyder, A. Sonntag, and W. Shen.  Brussels: Bruylant Publishers.


What Makes High Credit Growth Harmful? Evidence from Banking Crises.”  (with Penny Angkinand Prabha and Clas Wihlborg). Presented at the Western Economic Association International 2013.

1. On the Silicon Valley Bank Fallout and the stronger rules that are needed to prevent further failures, March 29, 2023: https://www.ktvu.com/video/1199999.

2. School of Business and Economics @ Sonoma State Fireside Chat: SVB Fallout and Economic Impacts, April 7, 2023. Video recording here. News coverage here.


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